Traditional Advertising
vs     Digital Advertising
Traditional Advertising
Your ads can reach a vast number of people
It is difficult to track ROI
Fewer people are watching/listening to commercials
Ads can be very expensive
Publicidad Digital
Target clients with pinpoint accuracy
Reach customers looking for your products
Get a great return of investment
Get measurable results
Advertise on Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook...
People are searching for your products
Let them find you!
You need to put your business on the map, Google Maps it is!

Online is where the people are. As a small business, you need to be there to reach them, generating brand awareness, increasing leads and making sales. That’s where we can help you!

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising reaches us via radio, print, billboards, television, etc. These are the ads we see when we browse through magazines and newspapers, while driving and during commercial breaks while we watch television or listen to the radio. Digital advertising is delivered direct to consumers. A relationship with customers through the Internet utilizing Social Media, search engines and websites.

Traditional advertising may reach a high audience, but attaining such reach is cost prohibited for most businesses. The reality is that most small to medium businesses do not need to reach the entire population of a city and all demographic groups are not their potential customers either. Digital advertising is targeted specifically to potential clients within each business trade area.

Traditional media buys are quoted based on the possible audience for each program, circulation and possible impressions and it is virtually impossible to measure the direct impact of the advertising on the business. Digital advertising provides immediate access to real time data to determine the effectiveness of each advertising campaign.

Advertising waste

Traditional mass media reaches a broad audience and it is impossible for businesses to target their ads to specific demographics or groups of real interest to the business. In traditional media you can only choose a range of time during a day to air your ad or the location of the announcement. Businesses are charged based on the entire audience for a program or segment, estimate circulation or the possible traffic of the billboard location, even though only a small portion of that audience are true potential customers who need the products or services offered.


Traditional advertising is generally expensive besides the adjacent production costs. Every successful advertising campaign must reach an audience several times in order to influence their buying habits or intentions. To achieve this traditional media would require substantial investments to launch a campaign with a good number of spots during programs or segments with significant audience or publish an ad for several print runs. Certainly, a leap of faith on a significant monetary investment without being able to measure results until the end of the campaign.


Using traditional advertising it is impossible to respond to market changes or trends as quickly as digital advertising. Traditional advertising campaigns are designed months in advance to be able to reserve ad space and to produce the ads. Any changes during a traditional advertising campaign would take days if not weeks to implement and they would require production costs. Digital advertising has very low production costs if any and new campaigns, new ads, changes to social media pages etc. may be implemented in a matter of minutes


Digital Advertising

Internet advertising can reach millions of people around the world, and at the same time, it allows you to target advertising geographically to include a state, one or several cities, a sector of a city, proximity to business locations while specifying the profile of the audience you are looking for. Besides being able to reach a large audience that is actively looking for your products or services, digital advertising ads are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

High effectiveness

Traditional advertising is presented based on "a chance" that a possible buyer sees it and is interested in it. Digital advertising is presented "directly to consumers" when the potential buyer already has shoen interest on the products or it’s actively looking for the products or services you offer.

Digital advertising offers a high degree of effectiveness as it is targeted directly to a specific audience. You choose your audience’s profile such as location, gender, age, education, income, marital status and more.

High effectiveness

With most of Digital advertising campaigns, you are billed when a customer shows interest on your ad. Internet advertising is much more affordable. Designing an Internet campaign is much faster than traditional media and it has very low production costs. Most advertising campaigns are billed when ads are actually clicked on. That is, when the consumer you are looking for actually opens your ad, when the consumer watches at least :15 seconds of your video announcement or when the consumer is directed to your website or business Facebook page. To utilize digital advertising, you do not have to have a website for your business.

Google Signals

Internet users usually search the Internet using different devices. They may search for an item or service using a mobile device and then make the actual purchase using a tablet or a desktop computer.

Until now, companies would concentrate or track the behavior of Internet users per device. We can build advertising campaigns with user’s holistic vision through a new tool just implemented called Google Signals that allows tracking of consumer behaviors though multiple devices, allowing the implementation of better retargeting campaigns. That is, Google now allows us to merge the information of all user’s devices. This new tool was just released by Google and is not offered to many advertisers.

Google Signals allows retargeting advertising though all user devices that have customized their ad sense experience.

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